creative video game and web development.

Ambt has worked on a number of web projects, focusing either on creative art direction, database implementation (PHP/MySQL), or both. A personal project for many years was a website called Unitefingerboarding, which served as a news site for a hobby community and mixed creative use of miniature scale and photography into an article based site fetching data from a database using PHP.

More recently Ambt worked on a project for local retro gaming store 8Bit Planet. Kerry came up with the idea of creating a website that mimicked platform games of the past whilst providing a simple yet effective solution. Subtle design hints and throwbacks to 16-bit games prompt users to scroll down the page for more information.

Following this 8Bit Planet needed a 'buylist' for trading cards that was dynamic and could be easily updated rather than manually created every few weeks. Using API calls to an external database of trading cards, a Javascript XMLHTTPRequest function was written to fetch and dynamically populate the page using the information pulled from the API. The result was a website that, by only updating a few array strings, could completely be changed based on the fluctuations in the market.

Ambt has a range of other experience including working on webshops, blog templates, and a vast array of PHP/MySQL databases including customer booking and management systems to be used over a LAN.