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Ambt's current project is a currently untitled top-down action RPG made using Unity/C#. The game is made using a mix of hand-modelled scenes, pixel art characters, and pixel art UI elements. The game is entirely coded, modelled, and drawn by Kerry.

The game follows the story of a hero set to save their world from a being of darkness, who has sapped the life force from the world. The Gods use their last remaining power to guide the hero to elemental powers hidden throughout the land, which fight back the grasp of evil and prepare the hero for a final battle against the dark being.

Development is currently still in pre-alpha. Most of the game systems are already constructed, however assets such as tiles are still very much work in progress (currently 100 of 500 planned tiles have been modelled), so the final game is set to be a lot more dynamic and fluid visually. Release is currently aimed at 2020 on PC, and a Nintendo Switch™ version is planned for the future.

The game has an element of survival as well as traditional ARPG gameplay, and features a unique short day/night cycle. The cycle lasts around 5 minutes, and should the hero not find shelter from the darkness of night by that time, it will be game over.

One of the main technical achievements of the game is the shadow system. The game is entirely made in Unity 2D using sprites, so there are no built-in lighting systems that work well - certainly not to create the appearance of a 2.5D world. Ambt's 2.5D Shadow System takes sprites and duplicates them as shadows, then rotates and scales them to simulate the movement of the sun throughout the day.

The shadows not only function as 'drop shadows' on the ground but contain pre-generated polygon colliders to detect when objects enter shadows. Any object that is shorter than the source of a shadow will be shaded based on the difference in height and the distance from the source of the shadow. The effect is realistic simulated 2.5D lighting using only sprites.

Furthermore, a second type of shadow is visible only within focused light sources when it is otherwise dark, such as light from a campfire. These shadows point away from the direction of the nearest light source to them, and flicker with the light source flickering.

The game features a weather system, which can be influenced as the game progresses by abilities the hero will gain. The next day's weather can be changed, and this will affect different areas and allow for puzzle solving. For example, a special plant may be affected by the rain to allow access to an area, or lightning flashes may illuminate otherwise hidden objects to point towards an objective.

The game allows only one spell and one melee weapon to be equipped at any time, though this can be swapped on the fly during battle. This will not pause the game, so players must make the choice between changing abilities and avoiding enemy attacks.

Spells in the game also have cooldowns, so you will have to swap spells to make sure you always have something available to cast.

The hero must find food to survive, and can cook different meals if they wish every time they camp to survive the night. Should they not wish to or not have enough food, they will wake up with less health for every time they've not eaten past the first. Don't worry, there's lots of food to be found in the wild!

The game has a very tactical dodge mechanic, unlike many games in the genre which allow almost infinite dodging. Dodges are represented on the UI as a green energy bar, and you have two you can use at any one time - though they take time to recharge, so you need to think about when you'll use them in a fight.

There are more features to be shown off at a later date, such as a mount system, channelled spells, an elemental field-based combat system with spells that can affect them, skill trees to power up spells, and more. Stay tuned!