Before asking us anything, there are a few Frequently Asked Questions you should read over first.

-Will you sponsor me?
Sponsoring will be done in the future, but I will never accept sponsor messages / emails / videos / pictures/etc. Please dont waste your time, when I am sponsoring I'll be asking people, not the other way around.
-Will you make me a board with x graphic on it??
Unless I am offering custom decks, decks are what is available and nothing else. If you have a suggestion feel free to let me know.'
-Can I use your logo in my video?
Of course! You can find our logo here.
-When will you have more decks for sale?
I plan to release a stock every two weeks, check instagram or the homepage for updates.

Anything else, email is always the easiest way to get in touch with me rather than social media. The email address is kerry@unitefingerboarding.com .