a · m · b · t


Of or relating to the immediate surroundings of something: "ambient temperature".

Fingerboards with a big emphasis on graphics, inspired by anime, manga, comics and cartoons.

Ambt (prounced 'ambient') is the latest part of unitefingerboarding, and it's me doing something I've always wanted to do: make fingerboards. I always liked the idea but never had any space due to living in a small flat, so never thought it would be something I could do. When Russian company FBMold came onto the scene, I saw new hope for the project and ended up working with them to create a mold to my specifications and then make pressed and shaped but unfinished decks. The graphics, branding, and finishing to the decks are all done by Ambt, and this collaboration means I can keep the price of decks low whilst offering high quality decks.

The graphics will always be a big part of Ambt decks, not only because I believe being able to pick up a cheap deck is a good thing, but because I want these decks to be enjoyed by collectors as well as by people riding them. Maybe you just like a graphic and want to pick it up for your collection? At £11 a deck, it doesn't have to be difficult.
The decks are essentially a mix of decks I've found to be perfect over the years. Medium kicks as standard, and a very low concave that you don't notice is there until your fingers need it whilst flicking off a trick. It's a throwback to decks like Flatface G12s and Lowpro Tiramisus, both of which I really enjoyed riding back in the day. The decks are 33mm wide and 101mm long, making for a very comfy all round shape.

Hopefully you like what you've seen! If you have any questions, head to the contact page.