Serious Stock
Friday April 22nd 2016
The problem with work is that you never realise you have too much of it until you don't find the time to do other things. Two months since the last stock going up is not something I'm hyped on, but being as the last decks took a month to sell I suppose it's not as bad as it could be.

That said, I'm really stoked on these latest decks, the Serious Stock! Taken from the anime K-On!, it's a hilariously touching slice of life about some highschoolers who want to start a music club - which pretty much ends up with them procrastinating and drinking tea the whole time instead. I wanted to capture the essence of their carefree silliness with these decks, and I really hope you guys like them.

There are three designs, and two of each design available. Decks will be available Saturday 23rd April at 8pm UK time. Enjoy :)
Photo Series #2
Friday February 26th 2016
Photo decks were something I first worked on for Crossed Fingers last year, but following how well they turned out decided to do an entire series of. Following that, I crossed the idea over with anime to make the Christmas special decks. When making graphics for this stock, I really felt like another photo series, so that's what this turned in to.

So, five fresh photo decks are going up on the site this Sunday (28th February), 8pm UK time. Hopefully you guys will like these, there's a nice mix of graphics that I think will appeal to all. My favourite has to be the one with my cat on it, but they're all images that mean something to me.

Enjoy :)
Monogatari Stock #3
Wednesday January 20th 2016
Some things in life require celebration. I'm sure what's being celebrated here is less important to some people than others, but being an avid anime fan something that's always saddened me is a lack of merchandise getting English releases. Hopefully this is a precedent that good things are to come.

What am I talking about? Well, the soundtrack to the Monogatari anime, named Utamonogatari, released in the US yesterday. I know the US still isn't the UK, but importing a copy from America didn't take much. It's a big step to more things like this not costing ridiculous money to get hold of. There's also a special edition with some crazy cool art, which happens to be where the art these decks feature comes from.

Long story short, these five decks are going to be released on Saturday. Hopefully you guys will like them, I like the simplicity of the graphics and personally think they're some of my favourite I've worked on. January 23rd, 8pm UK time. Enjoy! :)